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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Daddy Daughter Dance

Craig has taken Claire to Daddy Daughter Dances a few times at church and they always came home with smiles.  But today was something a little more fun.  Craig PARTICIPATED IN a dance at Claire's spring show.  They had a couple hour practice on Saturday, a dress rehearsal on Sunday before the show and then the big performance (two actually because we have two shows).

Craig was SUPER nervous.  This is SO far out of his comfort zone that I actually felt a little bad for him.  I was also more than a little jealous, because he got to have that "I'll never forget when.." moment with Claire.  But that jealousy quickly vanished as I snapped photos (soon to come) and saw them completely enjoying the moment and having a BLAST together. 

Here's the performance.  Craig did a great job and he didn't drop her, which was a little bit of a concern;)

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