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Monday, February 3, 2014

Outback Bowl

Claire got to be part of something pretty amazing on New Year's Day.  She danced in the Outback Bowl in Tampa with 369 other girls representing 13 states.  They danced both pre-game in the POURING rain and half-time for a total of 12 minutes and they were AWESOME!

It was a looong 8 months of fundraising to help get her there.  She sold flowers, pizzas, Tastefully Simple and pies.  Worked at Culver's.  Made cupcakes for a bake sale and craft sale as well as other random ones, I've honestly blocked all the details from my memory.

She had to learn the Grease themed dances from youtube videos and a couple of practices her director threw in to help them out.  They had to know the dances when they got there because they only had 15 hours to coordinate 370 dancers into formations once they got to Tampa.  Nerves were on edge for a bit, but she practiced her butt off and was ready when we got there.

I was more than a little nervous about the whole thing because it was 6 days of being completely scheduled.  Scheduled without any input and that worried me since I don't have a prescription for Xanax;)  But, BUT, we had fun at Clearwater Beach, Busch Gardens, a cruise for New Year's Eve, the game and DisneyWorld all turned out great even though we had our moments of monsoon type rain storms.

I watched the entire thing unfold with a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes at times because I was SO proud of what she accomplished.  My baby girl has grown up.  She had her moment to be part of something spectacular!  I wish the networks that televise the football games would realize that the half-time performers DESERVE to be seen.  That the 2000+ performers work their butts off and just because they aren't wearing a football jersey doesn't mean that stats and commercials are more important to televise!  But we have the DVD coming and we'll have the memory to savor with a viewing party for our friends and family.

The added bonus?  Iowa played LSU.  LSU is a team my Dad and family hold near and dear to their heart because my Dad was born in Louisiana!  It was my little tap on the shoulder that Papa was watching and cheering loudly and I'm sure he had a little bit to do with the rain letting up for the big performance since it started raining again as soon as it was done:)

Here's a few of the photos of the trip.
 Clearwater Beach.  It was POURING but the girls made the best of it.

Last night

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