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Friday, January 25, 2013

1st Place

Have ya missed me?!?!?  I haven't been able to post any photos for the past month.  It was driving me CRAZY!  But I tried again today and TA DA, it worked!!  So, I'll have some new recipes up next week.
Today, I needed to post about hockey.  This photo is from 4 years ago when our boys took 1st place in New Ulm.  This is the Jake McCoy year.  The best year of hockey in my opinion.  It's when two associations merged and a bunch of boys got to get to know each other and embraced what it was to be on a hard working team, under a great coach.  It was a bonus that we won a couple of tournaments and districts that year.

Flash forward and here are some of the very same boys on another hard working team, under a bunch of coaches (6) who care about them and are helping them get ready for high school next year while playing just a few games.  50 games by the season end to be exact.  8 games in 9 days last week. 

This was the highlight.  We won 1st place at the Eveleth Tournament.  It was especially sweet because of a REALLY bad call that tied it up with 3 minutes left in the game.  But our boys didn't give up, they fought back and SCORED to win it 4-3!!  What a finish! 

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